Saturday, February 18, 2017

Chubby Cattle - Chinese Hot Pot Restaurant

Chubby Cattle - Chinese Hot Pot 

Chubby Cattle is a very interesting restaurant for you to try Chinese Hot Pot. Most of the things are tapas sizes so you won't waste much food if you don't like it.  Conveyor-Belt usually is used in the Japanese restaurant, that they put sushi on the belt, and customers will take anything they want by themselves. 


STEP 1: Choose your broth. (There are full size and personal size hot pot)
STEP 2: Order the meat and other dishes that are not on the Conveyor-Belt
STEP 3: Take other food (vegetables, fish, and etc.) from the Conveyor-Belt and start to cook them in your hot pot.

BEWARE: Most of the food are self-cooked in your own hot pot. Make sure everything is fully cooked before eating it, especially for seafood.

I ordered Thick Slices of Mutton 8oz ($7.99) and Kobe Beef 3oz (Market Price) for the meat and got some other dishes from the Conveyor-belt. The dishes I got from the belt were very tasty because they all absorb enough flavor from the broth. I was very regretted to not order normal beef and lamb slices because both lamb and beef did not have much flavor after I cooked them in the hot pot. The thick slices of mutton were broken into pieces when I pick them up, and the Kobe Beef Slices were too thin, which I couldn't taste anything after cooking them. (Kobe Beef is a NO NO.) Fancy meat is an option but not required.

Overall, it was a nice place to eat with your family and friends. It's not a quick eating place. I spent about one and half hour by myself so it will take longer if you are going with other people.

3400 S Jones Blvd. Ste 15
Las Vegas NV 89146